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Art projects that address stress, anxiety, decompression, relaxation, energy, self-reflection, empowerment, and trauma can be a powerful way to promote well-being and personal growth. ARTbreak aims to revolutionize workplace wellness and community/one-on-one engagement through the power of art. By offering a diverse range of art classes and workshops, it allows to the enhancement of individuals' mental and emotional well-being. Allow ARTbreak art classes be the catalyst for creativity, stress relief, and personal growth.

Classes beginning Winter 2023


I have worked with various art mediums, but I have discovered that my specialty is working with texture, particularly concrete and tar. This medium has given me a platform to express my creativity and personal self-discovery. These classes are to inspire others to explore various visual art mediums and creative writing. Furthermore, combining journaling and writing with powerful artwork has allowed me to express my inner creativity. Not only will students of any age, ethnicity, social background, or career field tap into their own uniqueness, creativity, and self-expression, but students will also learn coping skills for mental health and wellness.

With Creative Expression, we will participate in exploring the following:


Mixed Media


Creative writing exercises




Undiscovered Talents

Decreasing/eliminating stress, anxiety, and more

Classes On Hold- Pre enroll for future classes
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