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A Tribute to John Lewis

John Robert Lewis was an American statesman and civil rights leader who served in the United States House of Representatives for Georgia's 5th congressional district from 1987 until his death in 2020. He was the chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee from 1963 to 1966. Wikipedia

Born: February 21, 1940, Alabama

Died: July 17, 2020, Atlanta, GA

$145 (shipping included)
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Art enthusiasts own a fine art Giclée print of two icons who will be forever be remembered for their contribution to our country and in history.
A wonderful piece of art for your home,
office or school.
What is a  Giclée print?
Giclée is the first and only fine art print* to be made with an ink jet printer. Pronounced, zhee'clay, the word comes from the French, meaning to spray, which is exactly what an ink jet printer does. ... The quality of a giclée print is far superior to all other forms of printing.
-Printed on premium paper with a matte finish-
*Please note, color may vary slightly for each print.

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Massed produced print


Giclée print

Original medium: Concrete,

Tar, White Latex Paint on Wood.

A Tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1993 until her death on September 18, 2020. She was nominated by President Bill Clinton, replacing retiring justice Byron White, and at the time was generally viewed as a moderate consensus-builder. Wikipedia

Born: March 15, 1933, Brooklyn

Died: September 18, 2020, Washington, D.C.

$145 (Shipping Included)
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Mock up of 24" x 30" Dimensions

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A Tribute to John Lewis

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A Tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

$132 plus the shipping of your choice.

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