title. psnob handbag re launch

date.  Relaunching 2021

In 2007, the very first psnob collection was launched. The psnob handbag was a game-changer in a fashion world filled with a plague of designer fraud, knock-offs etc. The psnob handbag sets the bar for luxury accessories by making original works of art you can carry. 

Unfortunately, the psnob handbag was not received by mainstream fashion enthusiast and I had to stop production of the one of a kind handbags and reintroduce myself as a fine artist so not only the fashion world but the art world would get to know me as a creative and respect my craft.  The process of creating the psnob handbag is an intense and timely process and I want to reintroduce it to the world now that it will be valued and appreciated. - Rebecca

Visual Artist Rebecca Robinson aka PSNOB- psnob is a registered trademark